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413/Hot And Cold

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie's apartment is terribly hot on one end (the living room and kitchen) and freezing cold on the other (the bedroom and bathroom). But nothing can be done because the super is in Florida. This makes everything seem hot and cold. Paul and Jamie's sex life, 'cause they're trying to get pregnant; the apartment; AND Ira's gambling luck. Unfortunately when things are cold, things aren't so good, especially Ira's luck. He gets himself $4000 into debt with an underground casino, and asks Paul and Jamie to bail him out. They don't really want to, but because his health is at stake, they agree to help him. Their frustration with Ira is merely a cover for their own problems. And in the end, they'll have to tell their child they're convicts.


I don't know. I love this series, and this episode really isn't bad, but something about it bothers me. Maybe it's the theme with Ira's gambling, maybe it's the finger pointing between Paul and Jamie. I don't know. But it's still a good episode. I laughed quite a bit. And the show tunes way of getting into the gambling place is funny. Lisa also makes a brief, funny appearance. I want to like this episode, but something about it bothers me. It's better than my feelings for it, therefore I give it a 7.