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223/With This Ring...Part I

Show Outline

It's Paul and Jamies wedding anniversary and in spite of their best intentions to be alone they wind up with 3 seperate dinners. Before all the dinners, Paul goes to the market, where Mark is now working as a stockboy. While there he accidentally loses his wedding ring. He tries his best to hide the loss, but to no avail. Mark suggests Paul chant for it, which he reluctantly does. It works as Paul remembers losing it in a hot dog cart outside the market. When he goes back to find it, the cart is gone. In order to search for the ring he has to agree to buy all the hot dogs in all the carts. All $600 worth.


This is a pretty good episode. It's funny to watch how silly Paul gets trying to hide the loss of the ring. Also it's cute to watch Mark trying to charm Fran again. It's not the best episode, but it does have a certain charm to it.