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221/Storms We Cannot Weather

Show Outline

While Paul is trying to make a film about the fastest short-order cook in New York he bumps into Mark (Fran's ex-husband). He's been gone for over a year on a voyage of self-discovery, and the meeting is just chance. Paul promises not to tell Fran, which he doesn't, but that was just a cover. Mark reveals himself at Riff's while Fran is out on a double-date with Paul and Jamie and her date, Nick, a college classmate of Jamie's. Fran is basically upset to see Mark again, but they manage to get along, much to Paul's disbelief.


It was shocking to see Mark again, but it was kinda cool. This was at a time when I was still learning about the characters, so it was nice to learn more. This is on my first tape, and I only started watching and taping during the second season, so this was all still new to me. It's an episode I liked, but it isn't on any "all-time" best list, for Mad About You episodes. I mean nothing really stands out as a highlight, but still it's quite watchable.