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621/Paul Slips In The Shower

Show Outline

Jamie is wondering where a second bag of Milano cookies went, while Paul, who thinks this will just end up being one of those "sweet mysteries of life", heads off to take a shower. As he's stepping in, he slips and sees his life flash before his eyes. Everything from his first kiss when he was a kid, to simple conversations with Ira - and everything (and then some) in between. He dreamed of being a rock star, race driver; he points up similarities/differences, which means sameness, between he and Jamie; he finds out there are more similarities between Jamie and his mother than he'd like to admit; and he brags about the few times he's been able to lie in his life. We also learn that he really feels like "I want to win Lord, I want to win". But not more than the important things. So, ultimately, the truth prevails and we find out who really ate the cookies.


Wow, this was a cute episode! For me, it started out kinda confused and lacking direction, but it ended up as warm and focused as any episode this season. Most of the time flashback episodes lack real intent. This one used flashbacks as an integral part of its structure and direction, and, ultimately, warmth. I think this is due to the fact that it didn't use clips from past episodes, but instead, it was more acted-out flashbacks. The variety of costumes, hairstyles and music made for a wonderful look into not only Paul's life, but his feelings. I have to admit I didn't understand or care much for the use of Sheila in this one (though it was as kind of a side bar), but the rest of it was great. In "Dream Weaver/#411" it had a series of weird flashbacks which held together loosely (and which had a great ending scene), but this one was tightly wound, well directed, and overall terrific. This will be a classic of the 6th season (along with "Moody Blues"/#605). And it's even funnier with a second viewing (which I used to write this review). A solid 9.