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619/Fire At Riff's

Show Outline

Riff's catches fire because Ira goes into the kitchen to find out why the new menu didn't include a sandwich named after him, as was promised. Unfortunately, Ira chooses to interupt Ursula, who can't do more than one thing at a time, and doesn't see a menu burning. Her fire-fighting methods don't help things. Fortunately everyone gets out safely, thought not all together. Jamie, who's been a little distracted at work, dashes out without Paul (who's gone to the bathroom). While everyone else - Debbie and Joan, and even Ira and Ursula - is drawn closer in this time of crisis, not Paul and Jamie. In fact, this oversite has Paul seriously considering a teaching job in Scotland in spite of Jamie's objection.


This episode, while a little distrubing, was also entertaining. I found it disturbing mainly because of how little communication, consideration, and concern there "seems" to be between Paul and Jamie. The disagreements after the fire were breaking my heart. So often I've watched this show to see the love between Paul and Jamie and what I hope to have in my own life someday. Instead, it's like they've forgotten why they love each other. This has been going on for much of the 6th season and I just hope they're leading us up to a wonderful reunion of Paul and Jamie's hearts and souls. Enough of the bickering already. I also found the kiss between Joan and Debbie a little much, for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. It just bothered me. On the other hand, there were touches of the kind of cute humor I've come to rely on to get me through the tough times Paul and Jamie seem to be having. Ursula, was as dense as ever, which is still funny. Overall, I give this episode a 6.5 and hope these tough times (though still great viewing) are leading up to another trademark touching make-up.