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616/The Coin Of Destiny

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie stumble on the idea of using a coin to make otherwise "difficult" decisions, like which restaurant to eat at, or whether or not to eat muffins or breadsticks. A series of other decisions which result in good fortune have Paul and Jamie and one of the new producers of "Hard Edition" , Lou Bonapart (Larry Miller) convinced that they possess the "coin of destiny". Soon practically everyone they know and a few people they don't, are asking the coin for advice. Jamie accidentally uses the coin for doing laundry and after getting it (and 5000 other quarters) back the magic is gone. But not before the damage is done.


A light-hearted, almost silly, episode which at times had me wondering if I was watching what an episode of Mad About You-meets-The Twilight Zone would be like. There were plenty of lines to laugh at, but by the end it was WAYtoo predictable. You knew Jamie was going to lose "the coin", and you knew it was all downhill from there. And with everyone else calling for predictions, this would've been the perfect time to have Lisa re-appear. Apparently that wasn't her destiny. Overall, I didn't hate this episode, but it wasn't the best one of late. This is what happens when your writing staff is wondering if it's gonna have jobs next year. I give it a 5.5.

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