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615/The Second Mrs. Buchman

Show Outline

Jamie reads a postcard from a Svetlana Poszinsky (played by Darlene Kardon) who, Paul embarrassingly explains, is his ex-wife. He married her as a favor to allow her to remain in the country (she was from Russia), but there was no romance between the two of them. Jamie is shocked and upset that Paul could keep such a secret from her. "I'm the second Mrs. Paul Buchman". Apparently he kept the secret from everyone, as Paul's parents are also shocked when Jamie introduces Svetlana to them at Burt's softball game. It's a game Paul has been asked to umpire. He's reluctant to do it ("That's just what a bunch of 70 and 80 year-olds need, someone standing behind them and yelling suddenly."), but eventually gets into it so much that he throws his own father out of the game on a disputed call at first. Peace is finally made when they later look at a replay Sylvia made with her new video camera.


This episode was unevenly paced, but enjoyable. It was cute to see all the guys in their old-timer baseball uniforms. I also liked how Jamie brought Svetlana to the ballgame to surprise everyone. Though that smacked of retaliation not normally expected from a couple like Paul and Jamie, it was done in such a way that made it funny. Ira's part was funny, but forced at times. Overall, I'd give this episode a 7 (out of 10). It wasn't the best, but it was certainly good enough to keep me laughing at all the "right" times.