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613/Cheating On Sheila

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie are growing more and more dissatisfied with their therapist, Sheila and her lack of help at $100-an-hour. Things aren't helped when they meet another therapist (at a party at Sheila's apartment) who seems really down to earth and helpful. So they schedule an appointment with the new therapist and like him (as played by Sidney Pollack) so much they decide to dump Sheila. When they break the news Sheila goes a little nuts herself and feels really hurt. Later, at a session with the new therapist, who provides food and allows a session to go long, Paul and Jamie finally learn the how much all this new help is costing them. Ouch! Time to eat crow.


This episode proves season 6 has finally found it's stride. It's well paced and light hearted, in spite of the fact that the Buchmans are still in therapy. The scene at the party where everyone inspects a hideous painting and a collar which is not exactly meant for a dog is quite funny. Also, I like the interaction between Paul and his father, and later Burt and Sylvia at the garment factory. Overall it's a warm and humorous episode, which is also a pretty good directing debut for Helen Hunt.