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611/Good Old Reliable Nathan

Show Outline

The Stare

The episode guest stars Nathan Lane as a film professor who invites Paul to speak to his class. When Jamie finds out, she confesses to Paul that Nathan was her first lover. He had this "stare", which could bring a woman to orgasm. "That's a gift, Merry Christmas!" Paul, as usual, reacts to this at first, but eventually has no problem with it. But when Nathan finds out Jamie has confessed everything, including "the stare", to Paul, he gets really worried. Also, a beautiful lady tries her best to get Ira to sell Paul's burial plot to her ('cause her brother requested to be buried sideways). Paul says forget it.


This was a particularly good episode. In my humble opinion, the best so far this season. A lot of it was, of course, due to Nathan Lane's guest apearance. But a lot of it could also be credited to the writing just having a lighter tone to it. It was a show that found ways to laugh at itself. I'll refrain from over-praising this episode, but it really was a good episode.