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Show Outline

This episode, entitled "Breastfeeding" had Paul and Jamie trying to decide whether or not she should continue to breastfeed Mabel. The kids gotta eat, but how long does she have to do it "that way"? Besides, it's kind of embarrassing for Paul. Also, Jamies mother, played again by Carol Burnett, is dating a much younger man. Jamie, who's still trying to get used to her parents even being separated, has a hard time dealing with their relationship. She temporarily forgets that her mother is otherwise lonely, and just needs some company, not necessarily a new husband. Fran also shows up as the coach of her son's (Ryan) hockey team, which is sponsored by Ira, who has other ideas about sponsorship.


I found this episode funny, in and of itself, but I also found myself thinking the show needs more direction. I like all the characters, but I can't see why Louis Zorich and Cynthia Harris are listed on the credits, not to mention Robin Bartlett, when they play such relatively minor roles. The show is almost too involved with the Buchmans as parents and not enough with the world around them. If the show can just figure out where it's going it'll find its stride again. The wriiting is still good, as is the interaction between Helen and Paul, but the show needs a path to follow.

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