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609/The Conversation

Show Outline

"The Conversation" is about Paul and Jamies' first attempt to let Mabel fall asleep on her own. Apparently Jamie's read some book or magazine article on how forcing the kid to fall asleep on her own early in life helps will help make her more independent later on in life. They follow strict time intervals for checking in on Mabel, suffering and reflecting on so many things all the while. As a side, it was shown commercial free between the opening credits and the closing credits.


I thought it was kind of funny when NBC came on and said tonight's episode of Mad About You was being brought to you commercial free, and then they went to 4 minutes of commercials. But it was worth the wait. It was an interesting show for two reasons. The first was that it was commercial free (between the intro and ending credits), which is something very rare on network t.v. these days. The last show I remember being commercial free was when they showed "Schindler's List" on NBC. But it's not an every day thing. The other thing kinda unique about tonight's show was the way it was filmed. From one angle with no obvious spot for a break for re-shoots. Paul even made this fact the theme of the closing credits. But all in all it was a decent show. I guess not being a parent I don't get the struggle. I still laugh at the interaction between Paul and Jamie, but the parenting stuff, "not so much". I agree with Jamie's last line tonight (though in a slightly different context). "If we could just turn back the clock".