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608/A New Friend

Show Outline

The Vandergraff Foundation has awarded Paul a "Genius" award. It quickly goes to his head and he and his ego can barely fit through the door. Certainly everyone else can't stand to deal with it. But Paul does manage to keep himself in line long enought to go on a double date with Ira and one of the Buchman's neighbours (Sara) who works as a media consultant for the New York Liberty (a woman's professional basketball team). The bad part about this is that Ira doesn't pay attention to his date, but instead gets turned on by one of the players, Rebecca Lobo. Ira' goes"loco for Lobo". This causes Sara to loose it.


I don't get how Ira would be more interested in a female baskeball player than the gal he was supposed to be with (no disrespect intended), but it is a tv show. Eddie (the old piano player from #605 "Moody Blues") makes another funny appearence. But the funniest part is watching how full of himself Paul gets. This is an episode which was fun to watch.

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