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607/Le Sex Show

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie are in counseling. They've not had sex since the birth of Mabel and they're a little edgy. So they confront each other and agree they're both probably "ready for cake". But it's not that easy as there's much finger-pointing at who should've asked or is the attraction still there. And then when they finally do have sex they're worried about the effect it'll have that Mabel accidently overheard them. This worry helps to bring up other issues. Points of view really. Also Joan and Debbie are invited to dinner, but also asked to bring it. They don't quite succeed because a pushy pizza guy in a suit flicks himself at Debbie.


Not one of my favourite episodes. I'm not really thrilled to see Paul and Jamie not being more communicative. It just seems out of character, for the most part, for them to not know more about what's going on with each other. I mean, didn't they do the couseling thing last season? And I don't really like the way Debbie reacts to the pushy pizza guy. Over-reacts is more like it. Although I never dislike an episode of Mad About You, this is far from one of my favourites. It's got a few laughs in it, but even repeated viewings haven't made it much better. On the plus side, the referring to sex as "eating cake" is funny. At the end is a nice tribute to George O. Petrie, the guy who was seen as Paul's editing help and in episode #215 (Instant Karma) as the elevator operator in Macy's department store. He had past away the weekend before this episode first aired.