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605/Moody Blues

Show Outline

Paul has agreed to direct a small, local production of "The Pirates of Penzance". His parents are both in the play. Sylvia is a hand-maiden, while Burt is "the very model of a modern Major General". He not only has to put up with directing his parents, but Jamie is going through the moods of post-partum depression. Her moodiness eventually backfires when she spouts off, sarcastically, about how great marriage is, to a young bride-to-be, while waiting to get her hair done. This woman then cancels her wedding and unfortunately this is the daughter of the lady singing lead in Paul's play. Small world. Jamie then has to make up to this lady, while Paul has to listen to his father sing about an embarrassing childhood scene, because he forgot the actual lines.


This is a really funny episode, especially the new verse Paul's father sings. And I love the connections made between Jamie and the bride-to-be. A funny little addition is the old piano player who can't stop playing. He's cute. This episode made me laugh many times. It's one of the best of this season.