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604/Uncle Phil's Coupons

Show Outline

604/Uncle Phil's Coupons

While Paul and Uncle Phil are out on shopping trip for Mabel, Uncle Phil is arrested for trying to use too many coupons. Sack-fulls, to be exact. In the courtroom, Uncle Phil challanges the prosecutor to prove he didn't buy and use all the products he claims he used the coupons to purchase. He even gets the prosecutor to admit that in order for his parents to afford to put him through law school they had to clip and use coupons. Case dismissed! Unfortunately all this trouble has messed up Mabel's chances (for now) of getting into a good pre-school. This because as part of the standard interview, Paul confesses to the trouble he and Uncle Phil are in. And on top of all these things, Paul wonders about a "secret" Jamie and Ira are sharing. That is until he gets Ira to tell him and Jamie shows him what the secret is - a tattoo!


604/Uncle Phil's Coupons

Mel Brooks reprises his role as the eccentric Uncle Phil. And as usual, he does a brilliant job. "Firm Embrace!" This is one of the rare episodes with almost no drawbacks, the only one being the interview with the pre-school for Mabel. And we thought Lillith and Frasier (from Cheers) were kinda moving fast. It was funny when Paul asked for a clarification when asked about convictions, but otherwise I could've lived without that interview. But back to Mel Brooks. His courtroom scene was a riot! I hope he's brought back more, though I wouldn't like to see it overdone. Yes, I think even as good as Mr. Brooks is in this role, it's not the "Uncle Phil Show". He's simply an amusing diversion, and this is not a criticism. For all the critisicm the sixth season got (from newsgroup fans of the show), this was a wonderful episode. I easily give it an 8.

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