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524/The Birth, Part II

Show Outline

No more false alarms, no more time for anxiety, its time to have a baby. But if you thought there were difficulties leading up to the birth, then just wait. There's the arguement, with another expectant mother, about who gets the "good room"; Jamie forgets a ring and send Paul home at the worst time to retrieve it; and an accident on the set of Bruce Willis' latest film, "Die Already" (taking place at the hospital) keeps Paul and Jamie apart. Fortunately, thanks to Bruce Willis (who plays himself), Paul makes it back just in time to help Jamie through the delivery. Everyone survives, and into the world comes a little baby Buchman - a beautiful little girl.


This second half of the one hour, 5th season finale, was worth suffering through the first half. Though it's situational frustration is still the same, it's given a tighter, better paced, warmer, and funnier treatment. You'd almost have expected to see Jamie forget something from home, but having Bruce Willis be part of Paul's tortured return was an inspired plot twist. And the warmth displayed from the time Jamies father's (played by Carrol O'Connor) return 'till the end, was just right. This episode was so much more well done than the first half as to really make you wish for better 30 minute finales than mediocre 1 hour ones. Because on its' own, this episode rates a full 3 points higher than the first half - a solid 8.5.

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