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507/Burt's Building

Show Outline

507/Burt's Building

Paul is taking his father (Burt) and Ira to the old neighborhood where Paul grew up (435-45 Pelham Parkway) as part of his film project "Buchman" and it turns into a day of mass confusion and unexpected sidetrips. It ends with a embrace of the past and a sign of the future. It starts when they get into a cab, and doesn't stop until Paul is late for a doctor's appointment with Joan. And because it's supposed to be the when they hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time, Jamie is not happy with him for being late. Joan is more understanding - in fact both women become very understanding when they hear Paul's excuse. When Paul finally finds his father, he also finds a bit of their past. The discovery gives Paul and Burt an idea just how much they've grown over the years. In the end all is forgiven, and even forgotten, when they hear the baby's heart beating for the first time.


507/Burt's Building

This is a nice episode which gets better as it goes along. It's told in such a way as to make you think, "yeah?, yeah?", like you can't wait to hear what's next. And I was drawn in by it. I was so glad that it had a nice pay-off. I loved the part where Burt is warmly thanking Paul for all his worrying about him, but really he's not losing his mind yet. It's a guy thing I guess. And who couldn't relate to the doorframe being used to take a child's height measurements? I also thought Paul swiping another pack of gum, 30 years after swiping the first, in an old neighborhood five-and-dime store was kind of cute. This was one of those episodes of this show which don't a first appear to be so good, but in the end all the pieces fall into place and it's overall value has snuck up on you. Upon repeated watchings, because you know how it ends, it gets even better. I give this episode a warm 7.5.