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504/Jamie's Parents

Show Outline

Jamie's parents are in town for a few days on there way to a big trip. Paul and Jamie speculate on what far off exotic island they're going, but they never even get close. That's because Gus and Teresa are off on a cross-country trip in an RV. After a "cozy" dinner that doesn't go well, Teresa makes the announcement that she's leaving Gus. Paul and Jamie are, understandably, stunned. But Jamie is heartbroken, and refuses to accept the break-up. Unfortunately, no amount of talking to either parent, by either Paul or Jamie (even Lisa) can stop the ending of a 37-year marriage. They both feel the need to seperate. In desperation, Jamie thinks it may be time to reveal her pregnancy.


This was kind of a sad episode, though not for the reasons that might seem immediately obvious. I mostly felt sorry for Jamie. Though my parents never divorced, I still felt her heartbreaking, and could understand the confusing bewilderment. Lisa was a little callous for my tastes, but she's almost always funny, no matter what's happening. The real shocker to this episode had nothing to do with the plot. It was the use of Carroll O'Connor, and Carol Burnett as Jamie's parents. This marked the third set of actors used to play these roles. Though I love both these great tv comedians, I don't much think they fit these roles. In fact, Carol Burnett is constantly walking the line of being too dominant. Also, I never thought there was anything wrong with the original actors in these roles. Though it's hard to watch this episode without being sad for/with Jamie, and without thinking "Archie Bunker" and "Carol Burnett", it's still a decent episode. I have a hard time giving this episode anything over a 6, even though I did like it.

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