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Show Outline

What, time's up?!?

Paul and Jamie's marital problems may seem to be over, but Jamie really feels she and Paul should keep an appointment with a therapist they made some time back - who turn's out to be Sheila. Paul is reluctant to go because not only does he not think they need it, but he's begun work on his new documentary "Buchman". Jamie also has work to do, on the "Brockwell for Mayor" campaign. At first, Sheila has Paul and Jamie trying to tell each other how they feel, to know avail. Finally, Sheila says they should try being totally honest with each other. This brings out the underlying tension, and just as things get going good, there time's up. Also, Paul tries to interview his parents for his film. It becomes a frustrating chore after Paul accidentally insults his mother. Meanwhile, Jamie has to deal with both the fact that Brockwell has revealed his usage of Prozac, and an errand boy who makes a play for her job.


Just be yourselves

This is the first episode with Paul and Jamie's new therapist, Sheila (played by Mo Gaffney) and I was really glad she was only in about half the episode. For some reason, I've never really like the scenes where they're in therapy. I think it's a combination of how bland Sheila is, as well as the fact that I just hate the idea of Paul and Jamie having marital trouble. These two are supposed to be an "ideal couple". Though I guess if they were completely happy all the time, it'd be kind of ridiculous. In truth, part of being an "ideal couple" is the ability and/or willingness to work through their problems. Anyway, the rest of the episode, both Paul and Jamies parts, was quite enjoyable. With Paul, his mother is nearly always funny to me, especially when she gets like she is in this episode. With Jamie, I enjoyed both the Brockwell character and the errand boy. It would normally be hard for me to give an episode with Sheila in a very high rating, but because of the strength of the rest of the episode, I don't have to much trouble giving it a 7.