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410/Get Back

Show Outline

While having sex on the floor of the living room, Jamie throws her back out and can't move. This makes it impossible for her to pick up a professor Gittleson and take him to the city hall to translate for a dissident Chinese poet. Paul agrees to pick him up after he takes his father to the eye doctor. Although the doctor is running behind schedule he manages to make it to the Tisch complex in time to meet the professor. But when the professor is late, Paul gets sidetracked trying to buy Jamie some chocolate-dipped strawberries. Of course Paul misses the professor. But not to worry, since there are only 7000 people in the world who understand the dialect. Meanwhile, Jamie gets a whole new perspective on their apartment.


This episode wasn't a real knee-slapper, but it had plenty of funny moments. From Paul finding out about all the illnesses his father has had (while filling out the medical forms), to Jamie begging "Princess Lisa" to get her a pillow and blanket, to the bakery chef who takes too much pride in his work. My favorite, though was Paul translating the poetry. This episode actually threatened to tire me out, but it was quite funny and easily earns an 8.5 on my scale.

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