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409/Ovulation Day

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie haven't had sex in "forever" and they're about to burst. But wait a minute, or at least until Jamie ovulates. Sid, Paul's editing helper (played by George O. Petrie), says they think too much. While waiting for the egg to get in ("it has a lunch uptown and it's going to swing by later") Paul sees everything as sexual, and Jamie's eager to hear about Debbie's (Paul's sister) new sexual adventures. This is when Debbie reveals she's a lesbian. When Jamie finally ovulates she alerts Paul by beeper. As usual there are stumbling blocks on the way to bed, not the least of which is Paul's parents and sister barging in and revealing Debbies new sexual orientation.


Overall, not even close to being a favoured episode. It's funny enough, and Jamie enjoying a vibrating washing machine is great. But in other ways it's an episode that is a little frustrating. I guess it's just because I agree with Sid. In the "old" days when you wanted to get a girl pregnant, you had sex with her. As to Debbie's revelation, I dunno. I don't care one way or the other if she's a lesbian, but I fear it was brought in mainly as a ratings trick and not because it has any real relevance. Since then, the show has worked it in nicely, though I still question it's overall relavance. A fair episode.