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408/New Year's Eve

Show Outline

It's New Year's eve and Paul and Jamie both have seperate plans. Paul is filming the guys who drop the ball in Times Square, and Jamie is going to the Mayor's ball at Gracie Mansion. (Jamie's excited that Tom Brokaw is going to be there) Others with plans that night are; Lisa, who's taking a depressed co-worker to Times Square and; Fran, who's supposed to spend the evening at the party with Jamie (and Ira), but ends up in the delivery room with Mark (as they work on getting back together). Time seems to stop as Jamie eventually rushes to be with Paul by midnight.


It took me 3 times to get this episode, which I finally did by taping the episode in syndication on an actual New Year's eve ('97). The first 2 times I tried to tape it (in first run) I missed it. I saw it both times, but for whatever reason, I missed getting it on tape. It was the same thing with "Citizen Buchman" (#513). But the logistics aside, this episode ended up mainly being an addition to my collection. That sounds bad, but it gets straight to the point that I like this episode, but it's not a great one. I mean I had to try 3 times to get it, but it wasn't a knee-slapper of an episode. The thing I though was funny was the appearance by Dick Clark. Overall, an episode which is watchable, and almost really good.

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