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405/Yoko Said

Show Outline

Paul and his co-workers at the Explorer Channel are trying to come up with ideas for a documentary when he throws out an idea that Jamie mentioned at breakfast. That is, to produce the projects of Yoko Ono. Paul is able to get Yoko's help because of his earlier connection (from episode #215/Instant Karma). But how does one film "the wind"? Paul wants very much to do this, but he drives himself crazy trying to figure out how to do it. He's also suffering from not eating, as he thinks Yoko requires him to fast for 5 days before working with her. With deadlines approaching he finally has to admit that he can't do it - fast or figure out how to film the wind. When he mentions this to Yoko, she says don't worry about it, it was only an idea.


I'm not the biggest Yoko Ono fan in the world, but I have to give her credit for pulling off a decent performance. She's very stiff, and struggles to be "natural", but it's not bad. I also have to give the producers credit for getting her to do this part. Outside of this stuff, it's a pretty good episode. I loved how Paul struggle to please Yoko. I also thought it was not only funny, but surprising to hear Paul mention that a lot of people think Yoko may have caused the break-up of the Beatles. This is one of those episodes which is cute, but it's far from a great episode. I like it, as I do all of Mad About You, but I can only give this episode a 7. Still quite watchable.