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320/My Boyfriend's Back

This review and commentary come to me courtesy of Bryce. He doesn't say where he's from but does say that this is " favorite episode...". I have left the Show Outline and Bryce's Commentary exactly as I received it. Thanks to Bryce.

Show Outline

Jamie and Fran are working for a client when they run into Alan Tofsky, Jamie's ex-boyfriend. He tells her that he is working on a comic book called "Megavoid". When "Megavoid is published, people keep recognizing her as Queen Talon, the main character in Alan's comic book. Later, Jamie tells Alan that she doesn't like the comic because it is based on their relationship, and a fight over who had the last word ensues.


Suggested Rating - 9/10. The comic book scene was really kid-like (in a good way) and Paul making English muffins at the end is sweet also

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