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312/Just My Dog

Show Outline

Paul is directing a commercial shoot for "Yum Yum" gum when Jamie and Murray show up. The sponsors "love the dog, gotta lose the blond". So suddenly Murray is a star, and Paul and Jamie try to cope with his fame. Jamie is amazed, while Paul is just a little jealous because, after all, he directed Murray. Just about the time Paul and Jamie are resigned to owning a famous dog, Murray overhears them talking about how much they'll miss him. And though Murray dreams of being a guest on The Tonight Show - starring Jay Leno, and petted by model Rachel Hunter, he knows he can't leave Paul and Jamie. So he deliberately screws up an audition for a tv show. In the end he's still "just Murray".


This episode is really cute. I don't get the same kick out of Murray that a lot of folks do, but this is one of the better ones where the story is written around him. It's funny when Murray fires Lisa who had the job of escorting Murray to a rock video shoot. But to me, the funniest part was Paul's reaction when he finds out that the "candy" he was eating in the agents office is really a dog treat. Great stuff. Also the re-occurring humming of the "Yum Yum" theme song (which is really a kind of annoying little song)is cute. I also enjoyed the performance of Brent Spiner (who was Commander Data on Star Trek TNG, for those of you who didn't know) as Bob, the animal agent. All in all, it's an enjoyable episode which hums right along.

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