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301/Escape From New York

Show Outline

    It's the end of the summer and Paul and Jamie are lamenting about not getting out of New York like they did when they were younger. And Jamie feels like that with the possibility of her maybe getting pregnant and her going back to school and everything, that they really need to get away. So they borrow Fran's car and away they go. But before they leave, Fran confesses to Jamie that she's gotten her old job back - the job that was originally Fran's before Fran quit, and Jamie took it over, from which she then got fired. Follow that? (Fran was originally Jamie's boss, but Fran quit to be a full-time mother, so Jamie took over her position. And now, after Jamie has been fired, then a couple of years later Fran gets the position back.)
    Anyway, while they are out, Paul's mother calls and has Paul helping move a couch that Paul's mother is giving to Lisa. While they are moving the couch we find out that Ira has a toupe', that one of Paul's childhood friend (Ricky Gold) has recently directed a big movie, "Perpetron", and that Lisa is dating her mailman because "he comes to see me every day, and he brings me things". Also, while they are getting the couch, they are double parked outside, and of course the car gets towed - with Murray in it. Murray's mad at Paul and it takes awhile to straighten things out. Takes bribing Murray with a hamburger to do it.
    But finally, they are off looking for the best clams in New York. So they drive and drive and all the while they are trying to figure out the name of the place. They only remember where it is. When they finally get there the place has relocated. Right back to Paul and Jamie's neighborhood. Clamenza!


    This is nice little episode for several reasons. 1)the style of Paul's delivery still has elements of his stand-up routine; 2)we're still learning how funny (and nutty) Lisa is; and, 3)it's a fairly well written episode because of the way it circles all the way around itself. I thought the acting was superb. I mean Paul and Jamie had a way of really making you think it was so terribly hot. Even Murray played his part well.
    Another nice thing about this episode was the way it didn't really try to make any statements about anything major. It did talk about what the impact of Paul and Jamie having a baby would be on their lives, but they did it in a way that it wasn't some grand political statement. It was simply Paul and Jamie trying (sort of) to decide whether or not to have a baby. It was as it was supposed to be - the extension of the discussion that Paul and Jamie had at the end of the second season.
    A nice, tight, and light episode with many laughs, and a line that stays with you - Clamenza! A solid 8.