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219/Love Letters

Show Outline

Plumbing problems lead the Buchmanís to find a bunch of letters behind the toilet. Theyíre from a couple who dated during World War 2. The guy went overseas to fight and the letters between them tell the story of unrequitted love. Jamie really gets into them, because she feels like her and Paul could have written them, and wants to use them as the theme for a story sheís trying to write. But the letters have no definative ending, and Jamie canít find peace until she finds out how the story ends.


A really lovely little episode. Iíve always enjoyed the quaint quality of written letters and this one strikes a chord with me. I especially like how similar the older couple are to Paul and Jamie. I also like the sweet ending. It kinda brings an end to several stories, though maybe not quite the way one would imagine. Overall, just a really nice episode.