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218/Cold Feet

Show Outline

To celebrate Valentines day, Paul and Jamie meet at the Rockefeller Center ice rink, as is their tradition. He’s late and she’s coming down with a cold, but before they can leave they hear Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” and this sends them (and us) on a memory trip into their earlier days together. Specifically, we get to see the two as they make the decision to rent their apartment 11D. Though they both agree it’s “the right thing to do”, they also start to get cold feet. Fran and Ira serve, individually, as the voice of reason for talking Paul and Jamie out of a change of heart. To seal the deal, Paul plans to propose to Jamie. It’s supposed to be a secret, but after Jamie learns of Paul’s plan, it can’t come soon enough.


I love this episode. Some of my favorite Mad About You episodes are the ones where we get to learn more of Paul and/or Jamie’s past. Both together, or before they met. This episode is, in my humble opinion, one of the best of the “flashback-type” episodes (#321/Cake Fear, also a great one). This was also one of the first episodes I taped after deciding to record Mad About You, and it totally reinforced my decision. It’s episodes like this that make me want 2 things. 1)To find a woman which I can get along with like Paul and Jamie get along, and; 2)That this series was always this good. It’s never bad, but it rarely reaches this level.

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