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216/Virtual Reality

Show Outline

Ira wants Paul and Jamie to put up $5000 to invest in a new virtual reality company run by a 14-year old. They’re both against it until Paul goes and has a demonstration of the technology with Christy Brinkley as his fantasy woman. Paul is blown away with the whole thing and goes ahead and invests without first talking to Jamie. She’s upset when she not only finds out that he’s invested their money without first talking about it, but that he did his demo by giving a massage to another woman. She gets her revenge when she decides to do the demo using Paul to admit he was wrong. “I was wong. Just so wrong. And to not be able to admit that I was wrong, more wrong.”


A great episode. Watching Paul trying to explain how realistic Virtual Reality is, is hilarious. He makes the mistake of telling Jamie how great Christy’s skin is, and how she’s really a nice lady. And I’ll bet many women wish they could get their men to admit they were wrong like Jamie does during her demo. Also, Jamie does involve her own fantasy celebrity, Andre Agassi. I enjoy seeing this one over and over.

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