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215/Instant Karma

Show Outline

After receiving a fan letter from Yoko Ono, Paul goes on a bigger morality kick than normal. He insist Jamie return a blouse that a store mistakingly gave her. Until she does so he feels cursed. Even an invitation to Yoko’s house for a cocktail party doesn’t change his luck. The blouse becomes “The Blouse Of Death” and according to Jamie’s fortune cookie, “bad luck follows the guilty”.


Not a bad show, but not the best. My main objection to this episode is Yoko Ono. Not being a fan of hers, it does, for me anyway, take away from the better qualities of this episode. That aside, it’s a cute show. I especially like the cab scene, and the end of the show is great. To imagine them actually breaking the piano bench of John Lennon’s white piano (made famous in his “Imagine” video) is both startling and hilarious.