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212/Paul Is Dead

Show Outline

Paul and Janie plan to spend an otherwise mundane weekend shopping together, which Paul is doing only because Jamie wants him to. They soon run into problems with their credit cards and everything else electronic. This is because of the death Paul Buchman. Not our Paul Buchman, but another one. They try to straighten this out at the bank following the cash machine “eating” their card, but since the boss is away for the weekend, they’re out of luck until Monday. Thank goodness there's a funeral to go to.


This episode is ok. Not great, not bad. Has a few moments, like the day-dream sequence at the funeral home, and Paul’s desire to “go meet the dead guy”, and Maggie (next door neighbour) giving condolence to Jamie. But it’s not an episode which sets the standard. But neither does it define the bottom of the barrel. Just a nice episode of a great show. I apologize for the poor quality of the image, but the video recording I have is exceptionally bad.

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