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Show Outline

Itís Jamieís 30th birthday and Paul is trying to surprise, without surprising. Jamie said she didnít want a surprise party, so Paul tries to improvise. He arranges tickets to the theater and a nice restaurant, but on the way to the show, Paul and Jamie get seperated. Thanks to a screwy phone answering machine (a birthday present from Paulís mother), it takes longer than it should for them to meet up again. By then the showís started (Tommy), and Jamie's no longer in the mood. But the eveningís not a total loss as Paul hires a group of singers to serenade them.


Not one of my favorites, but thatís relative. There isnít a bad Mad About You episode, but this one just doesnít do much for me. Itís a combination of the unnecessary confusion and the bad manners of the theater ticket-booth guy. The highlights (though few) are Lisaís appearance, and the singing by the group "Suave" in the subway.