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206/Natural History

Show Outline

In "Natural History" we find Paul and Jamie having a disagreement over plans made on a Saturday afternoon. It's Paul's first Saturday off in 5 weeks, but since he never "confirmed", Jamie made other plans with Lisa, trying to set her up on a blind date. As fate would have it (again) they meet up in the Museum of Natural History. Has this happened before? Maybe....


This particular episode holds a special place in both my heart and my tape collection. It was the first episode of Mad About You I ever taped. I never just tape anything, and so I began my tape collection after probably a month of watching other episodes and considering if it was worth my time. 139 episodes later (as of May 12, 1998, and out of 139 possible episodes) I've obviously decided it's worth my time. Has it ever been! But I love this episode because it has wonderful interaction between Paul and Jamie, and it also previews many things which I later learned were what made this program so meaningful. Maybe "never gonna happen my friend" was common before this, but not to me. Plus I love the thing about fate and "it was meant to be". My life was centered around this in a big way for the longest time. Overall, it's an episode I love to watch and feel lucky it was the first I taped.

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