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119/The Man Who Said Hello

Show Outline

While Paul's mother is out of town (at a spa), Paul and Jamie, and Ira and a date, and Paul's father go to the new musical "Moby". While during an intermission Burt sees Regis Philbin in the lobby, but saves his loud hellos for inside the theater. Paul is extremely embarrassed, but everybody agrees with Burt that there's nothing wrong with a guy saying a "hello". It becomes an even bigger deal when Burt calls the "Regis and Kathy Lee" (played by Regis' real wife, Joy) show. Burt is invited onto the show, but Paul refuses to go. So Ira takes Paul's place and the show turns into a "family reunion", which Regis thinks gets really weird when Paul comes on stage (as Ira) and makes up with both his father and Jamie who kisses him.


What a funny episode! Burt Buchman is great; Regis, who plays himself, even show a decent comedic flair; and I love the way Burt and Paul (and even Regis) says "Hellooooo , Regis!". But the real fun part of this episode is Paul's father. Save the touching father-son bit, the episode doesn't need it. It doesn't take away from it, but it's funny without it. Overall, for me, many laughs.