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118/The Billionaire

Show Outline

Freddy Stadler, Billionaire (played by Jerry Lewis), wants a movie of his life to be made and he wants Paul to do it. Paul has his hands full but is handsomely rewarded with trips and lavish gifts (like Beatle Ringo's drum set). As nice as Freddy is, he still isn't comfortable with having real friends. But Jamie has a way of getting through. The film turns out not to be the most important thing, but fun and friendship are.


I love this episode! Jerry Lewis is actually funny, and we get to meet Warren Mermelman (played by Steven Wright). Also the quirky secretary, Connie, appears. Back to Lewis. He's delightful as the eccentric billionaire. I'm not his biggest fan, but this role is close to the "old" Jerry Lewis from his Martin and Lewis days, and that's about as funny as he gets to me. I really did like his performance in this episode. A good part for a great comedian. Overall, a delightful little episode.

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