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117/Swept Away

Show Outline

Lisa, who was working at the boat show, has met a "really nice guy" (again!) and in no time she's moving in with him, and engaged, and the whole nine yards. Jamie has a good feeling - which translated, means worried - about this one and urges Lisa not to sleep with him on the first date. But to know avail. Jamie gets really worried about Lisa when she finds out that the new fiance has had 3 other wives who are all deceased. Finally, Jamie, who's tired of always chasing around behind Lisa with a net (Annette?), gets her to admit she's really happy, for once. But true to form, Lisa doesn't actually like being happy.


This is one of those episodes which is neither great, nor bad. The part I like most is the one where Jamie and Paul are in bed and Jamie keeps getting telepathic feelings about what's happening between Lisa and her new man. I also got a good laugh out of Lisa confusing "a net" with "Annette". Jamie's over-protection routine gets a little old, but not so much. For those of you who are wondering, the guy playing Lisa's fiance (Charles Shaughnessy) used to play a character (Shane) on the NBC daytime soap, Days Of Our Lives. Overall, an average episode, which in "Mad About You-vs.-anything else", is still a pretty funny show.