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115/The Wedding Affair

Show Commentary

Paul and Jamie attend the wedding of a friend and Paul accidentally let's a secret out about the bride and groom. But Jamie also has a secret of her own that Paul works and works to get out of her. Sometimes, though, you shouldn't ask questions you don't want the answers to. Like finding out that Jamie slept with a co-worker after they (Paul and Jamie) started dating. Paul is upset, but Jamie is more upset at Paul for making her tell him.


This episode almost breaks my heart at times. So many times I tune into this show for the fairy tale aspect of how good a couple Paul and Jamie are, and then they make an episode like this. I hate to see them fight, but I like the way they keep the overall perspective on the relationship. And it is exactly this that makes even episodes like this, which are at times hard to watch, worth seeing. The fantasy is there, though it's not always a pretty thing. But episodes like this help point out how good we, the viewer, have it.