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113/Met Someone

Show Outline

This is a bit of a flashback type of episode, where we get to see how Paul and Jamie first meet (as grown-ups). It's December 1989 and Paul has the last copy of the Sunday Times. That is until Jamie shows up and takes it from him, claiming her parents obituary is in it. While they're talking Paul finds himself smitten with Jamie. Fortunately for him, Jamie drops a dry-cleaning slip. He uses it to track Jamie down, so he can meet her again. Jamie, who's just coming off a break-up (with a guy named Ted), is reluctant to go out with Paul. Finally she agrees, and invites Paul to a Christmas party. After the party, in Jamie's office, they kiss for the first time. From there it's happily ever after.


When I saw this episode for the first time, I swear I fell in love with this couple. And this was after 4 years of taping this show!(I taped it from a syndicated showing) What I mean is, that I've loved this show for a long time, and this episode served as a wonderful reminder as to why. Not that I'd forgotten. Anyway, what a great episode! I know this wasn't the actual first episode, but it made me feel like my love of this show was just starting all over. I don't know how I could recommend an episode more highly than this one. If you want to understand why folks like me love this show so much, this is one of the big reasons. An interesting side note is the appearance of Lisa Kudrow as the character "Karen", Paul's blind date while out with Selby and his girlfriend.