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110/Neighbors From Hell

Show Outline

This is where Paul and Jamie (and we the viewer) get to meet the neighbours in 11C, the Conways. This occurs when the wrong pizzas are delivered to both households and they try to make the exchange. This gesture of good will goes awry (go figure!) when the Conways get food poisoning from the exchanged pizzas. The Buchmans try to prove this wasn't intentional and make new friends by inviting the neighbours over for dinner. The Conways are suspicious, and further incidents don't help to alleviate their suspicions. But the Conways do seem to not only like Fran and Mark (who are also invited to the dinner), but they seem to have much in common with them. So it's off to the opera!


I believe this episode was the first Mad About You I ever saw. I had earlier that week (I think) seen Paul and Helen on the MTV awards and thought enough of their interaction to finally give this show a try. It was, tv viewing-wise, one of my best decisions. This episode interested me enough to tune in again, and again. And again, until I finally decided to tape it. Obviously I'm gonna say I like this episode if it lead my to tape the series. But upon further review, this episode is quite funny.

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