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109/The Apartment

Show Outline

Uncle Jules (on Paul's side) is over, discussing Paul and Jamie's "last will and testament". This prompts all sorts of deep philosophical discussions, like; "why does Paul still have his "bachelors pad"?". Paul is having trouble letting go of the old place - for reasons neither he nor Jamie can understand, and for which Jamie is not the least bit happy about. But to prove to his wife that he not only loves her, but is really ready to be married, he agrees to give it up. He meets with the sub-letee to sign it over to him. Paul wants one last look at the old place and all his single guy memories, but the current renter won't let him in. Thinks it's a bad idea. Time to let go of some things.


This is a wonderful episode with a neat tie to another NBC show. Michael Richard's plays the part of Kramer (from Seinfeld) who is currently living in Paul's old apartment. Kramer is just as nuts here as he is in Seinfeld, but it's not the only funny thing. Selby is secretly jealous of Paul, but he too forgets this when the topic of surrendering the "pad" comes up. I love the tie to Seinfeld (which was probably done to boost ratings for the young show), but, again, this show is great on its own, as this episode proves.