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105/I'm Just So Happy For You

Show Outline

Paul is trying to get a film about the oldest peanut vendor at Yankee Stadium accepted by PBS and Jamie's trying to land a major account that'll "get her into a whole new office". To celebrate all their success they throw a party. Unfortunately, it ends up being a party to celebrate only Jamie's success. Paul tries to root for her, but gets caught up in his own disappointment. He mopes at the party long enough to nearly ruin it for everyone, especially Jamie. By the end of the evening, Paul has to apologize for being so selfish. It's a good thing Paul married a very forgiving woman.


It's almost a little out of character for Paul to be this selfish, but the show walks the line just close enough, without going over, to make it a good one. Lisa and Selby put in good performances (I still can't see why Selby didn't stay with the show). And we can see the relationship between Paul and Jamie growing. It's tough not to be competitive, even in a marriage, and Paul and Jamie are no different. But we see them working to get through the hard times. Another good "rookie" episode. So many times, it's so hard tell that this show was ever new.