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104/Sofa's Choice

Show Outline

In this episode we find Paul and Jamie buying their first piece of furniture together, a sofa. Jamie has managed to get Paul to go to the department store, where they also meet up with Fran and Mark. Paul is happy with the choice until he finds out it's not technically a sofa, it's a love seat. No guy wants a love seat, that's just not right. The really bad thing Paul learns about, is that Mark was once Jamie's Gynecologist. Paul faints when he learns this.


Wow! I was a little shocked to learn Mark's former relationship to Jamie. But it was also quite funny. And watching how Jamie is able to manipulate Paul is great. He always manages to get sucked in, but he takes it with his usual good humour. Mark is a little annoying, but he doesn't really take away from anything. An early series episode, but there are no growing pains here.

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