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Dreams can come true, even if they only involve sitting on the couch, eating chips, and watching the weather channel. Or we could just waste a Sunday afternoon trying to decide between the Amish quilt festival or the Belgian film festival. Of course Jamie mis-interprets this to mean she's boring. But whatever, she's certainly starting to miss the days when she used to do "things". After a while, since they can't agree on what to do, they decide to do their own seperate thing. That is until they remember they got married in the first place so they would have someone to do things with. So maybe a sofa, some chips, and the weather channel aren't so bad after all.


This is a cute episode. Lisa is funny when she has a crisis at "The Will Rogers Follies", (she decided if Will Rogers ever met her, he wouldn't like her), both mothers check in, and Mark and Fran are determined to push Cumin on Paul and Jamie. A busy, charming little story which points up how this show doesn't need anything but Paul and Jamie and a situation to make a nice episode. Why be alone when you have Mad About You?