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The first episode of this great series. Jamie's bothered by the fact that it's been 5 days since they last had sex. They want to spend an evening alone together, but between Lisa and Fran and Ira and Selby, that proves to be easier said than done. Lisa's just gotten dumped, they've forgotten they had dinner plans with Fran and Mark, and Selby's on his way over. But this is where we learn just how good Paul and Jamie are at two things; 1)Talking things out, and; 2)Making up.


This is a wonderful introduction to one of the best romantic comedy tv series ever. There are plenty of memorable lines (later used on the "Final Frontier" soundtrack disc), the characters establish themselves early and you can see what a great series it will become. Plus, there is that delightful aspect of romance, which is, of course, the cornerstone of Mad About You. I still can't figure out why they got rid of Selby (played by Tommy Hinkley). He was quite funny, too. It took me nearly 4 years to get this episode on tape (I didn't start taping until midway through the second season), and it was worth the wait. A great beginning.