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701/Season Opener

Show Outline

Ira is up to his old tricks of getting Paul to try things out for him so he doesn't get in trouble. In this case, Paul is the test subject for the sex potency pill, Viagra. Paul initially doesn't want to try it, but Jamie is curious and he agrees to try it. It isn't too long before Paul begins to feel the power of the pill - even listening to his mother can't dilute the effects! So as per their agreement, Paul heads home to met Jamie. Unfortunately Jamie is having a bit of trouble getting home herself, although you wouldn't think so by the way she's dressed. She gets accidentally locked out of the health club and ends up parading around most of Manhattan wearing only a towel. Almost by accident, and having overcome "hell and highwater" they finally get to see what Viagra can do. It turns into an "Affair to Remember".


What a funny beginning to a season that so many folks thought might not happen, let alone what might become of the show. It's also taken the show to a new "level" concerning the approach to sex. For those of you who read that I didn't care much for Joan and Debbie kissing, this isn't much better. I loved seeing Paul stumbling around with an undying erection (from a humorous standpoint), and really loved seeing Helen Hunt parading around New York, in only a towel (in scenes that were filmed on location), but I'm not so sure I'm crazy about the display of this level of sexuality during a time when kids might be able to watch. I'm the last person to be a spokesman for the "Moral Majority", but this bordered on a bit too much. Fortunately it was done with a great deal of discretion and humor. This makes my reservations sit down and laugh. I guess we could all learn to laugh about things normally uncomfortable. I give this episode a solid 7.5 for not only leading the way to a less modest society, but just basic good laughs. Nothing serious here, just a fun episode.