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622/Nat and Arly

Show Outline

Nat (the Buchman's dog walker) has developed a crush on Arly, the lady who occasionally babysits Mabel. She's unlike any of the other women Nat dates - sociallites and debutantes - so he's asking Paul for advice on how to approach her. Paul says to let Arly come to him. This is also the same advice Jamie gives to Arly, who's been asking for similar advice. It'll be a miracle if those two ever get together! Also Paul is suspected of suffering from "the apnia" (sleep apnia) and goes to a clinic to see if this is why he's always tired and bruised. The doctor, however, is quickly able to get to the bottom of his problem. And, as a side, does it seem possible that Ira could actually give up sex after seeing himself in a mirror? Hmmm.....


I don't believe Ira can really give up sex. I mean, come on, what is Ira without sex? This episode was pleasantly funny from top to bottom. No real fireworks, but quite enjoyable with different kinds of humor spread out evenly throughout. My personal favorite was the over-the-top affection Paul and the sleep doctor (played by Eugene Levy) display for "Betsy", the stuffed doll used to simulate a spouse one sleeps with. This was an episode which gave the 6th season something to point to and say, "this year wasn't so bad". I certainly enjoyed it enough to give it a 7.5.

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