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620/Mother's Day

Show Outline

It's Jamie's first Mothers Day since the birth of Mabel and with all the gifts and attention showered upon her at the Mothers Day lunch, Sylvia gets a little jealous. So much so, in fact, that she fakes breaking her leg. All the adoration is just what she wanted. However, Jamie discovers that Sylvia is faking and not only understands her reasons for wanting attention, but agrees to keep it their little secret. This has Sylvia thinking more favorably about Jamie, especially in light of all the trouble between them over the years. Also Paul, who seems to have no imagination, tries to steal the gift ideas of Ira and Marvin.


This is one of the better episodes I can remember from this season. The plot was mostly light and the jokes were well mixed with the dialogue. Even the few trite or predictable jokes fit well and didn't make me roll my eyes. Like when Ira crashes through a glass case with a golf club. Predictable, but funny. For my tastes, there was plenty to like about this episode, especially in light of the trouble this years writing has seemed to been suffering from. Only two complaints, both minor. First, I still don't care much for Marvin. This character is just a little to smart mouthed and disrespectful for me. In past seasons, (before the 5th season) this character wasn't around, and so far I don't see it. Also, still no mention of Lisa. Apparently she was killed in some horrible production meeting. Those two things not withstanding, this episode gets an 8 from this writer.

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