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618/The Baby Video

Show Outline

After seeing a neighbor's kid pay so much attention to a popular kids video (teeny toons), Ira and Jamie both decide they can not only make a better video but tons of money. So with Paul as director and star, they create "Sandman". Unfortunately, "Sandman" scares all the kids, including Paul's newfound foster brother (a Thai kid Sylvia sends money to). The final straw is when Paul's mother admits being ashamed of him for the first time in his life. So to solve the problem they make a second video which makes "Sandman" go away. Enter "Silly-man". He's doesn't scare kids like "Sandman" did, but he's got his own image problems. Also, Paul really wants to try Jamie's breast milk, but is hesitant. And a trip to the doctor has Burt Buchman hearing "everything" - almost literally.


I got a little tired of all the in-fighting between the head-strong Jamie and greedy Ira, but the rest of this episode wasn't bad. Although much of the reactions from the kids was kind of predictable, oddly enough it didn't take away from the humor of the situation. I also thought Paul playing the "Sandman" was cute. Paul's turned into a bit of a doormat for Jamie this season, but he manages to pull it off with a certain charm. Though this episode was all-in-all enjoyable, it was far from the best of the 6th season. Fortunately, it was also not the worst. Many cute, if somewhat forced, laughs. I give it a 6 (out of 10).

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