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614/Back To Work

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie run across Mary Matalin and James Carville at a restaurant and in the course of conversation Jamie is offered a job. So the big debate comes up: should Jamie try and go back to work or stay at home with Mabel.The debate begins, but it's never really in doubt. That is until until about 5 minutes after Jamie begins work. Then she's on the phone with Paul admitting she's made a BIG mistake. So she schemes with Paul to appear too much the mother so she can get fired - versus looking like a fool by resigning so soon. Also, Paul has to confront a writer who can't seem to get his story straight concerning Paul's film "Buchman".


This episode had me laughing almost constantly. There was just so much to like about it. From the great interaction between Paul and Jamie concerning her going back to work, to the surprising performances by Carville and Matilin. The funniest, though, was the phone calls Paul's mother, Sylvia, took from Jamie, while she (Jamie) was trying to get fired. The music "trivia" Paul asked was also great. All in all, this episode was VERY funny. The writers managed to work in Mabel, Sylvia, and a situation with Paul and Jamie, and it was all funny. From top to bottom, this was a wonderful episode!

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