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606/Magic Pants

Show Outline

It's the first night out for Paul and Jamie since Mabel's birth. Jamie pulls an excessively worried parent routine as she freaks out leaving her daughter behind. She sends nearly everone she can find by the apartment to do a spot check on the baby sitter, who has everything well under control. Paul, meanwhile, accidentally has Magician David Copperfield's pants. He pulls everything from an endless scarf to a rabbit out of the pants. There's even a phone hidden somewhere in the pants! In the end the pants get "magically" returned.


I love the pants in this episode. Paul's constantly pulling something from them is great! Jamie's worried mother routine gets a little old, but it's still relatively funny. We also get to see the brief return of Ursula, who still hasn't gotten any smarter. But she's still very funny. This episode had me laughing quite a bit.

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